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Aquaponics Research Update

Thank you for taking part in the Macquarie University Aquaponics Research Project. The project is officially over, but the information on your systems is still available on this site and remain so at the aquaponics link. You are free to continue to use the aquaponics diary to keep track of your system. If you haven’t taken part, you are invited to add your system and keep the diary. The information is there for you to learn about your own system, and to learn from other aquaponics enthusiasts.

To access the data, and contribute, please view the aquaponics page. All the links to the previous pages appear in that page.

To create or access your diary, or view other diaries you need to log in. To become a member click here



Future Projects

Aquaponics isn't the only project where research by those interested in the subject can contribute to joint research. We are now embarking on a noise monitoring project, based on the NoiseTube app and will allow individuals and groups to produce a noise map of any area of interest. For more details see the  Noise Monitoring Tab.